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Top crypto purchase and exchange. Best rates for all exchange pairs. Perfectly safe. 24/7 support. Doroex is a tailor-made payment service provider facilitating merchants to accept crypto currency payments.

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The currency exchange rate is for informational purposes only and may differ from the actual one at the time of exchange.

The ease of use

A truly secure, fast, reliable and easy way to get into crypto

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It’s really that simple& Just click up «sign up» fill in the form and you are almost ready to go.

Get verified

Submit your personal documents, it’s for your own safety, and the safety of your funds. a quick procedure to comply with the latest rules and regulations.

Create an exchange request

Choose how much you want to spend, what cryoptocurrency you wish to acquire, and give us the details of where to send it. Always double check your wallet address, once they payment is made it can’t be reversed

Why trust us?

We comply with PCI Security Standards

Your personal data is secure, as we never store any sensitive payment information

We comply with all legal requirements

DoroEx is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange company with the latest AML/CFT standards.

We hold own reserves to ensure quick exchange

Instant processing of exchange operations and delivery of funds.

We aim to have the best exchange rate

We get a direct rate from leading crypto exchanges and make the best conditions for exchange.

Our advantages

Best exchange rates

No hidden fees, what you see is what you get, we don’t overcharge transaction fees, hide them or make it hard for you to understand. Once you’ve secured the transaction we will deliver the promised amount of crypto directly to your wallet.

Professional tech support

Need help getting verified? want us to guide you through the purchase process? Need to set up our widget on your e-commerce shop? We are ready to help, just let us know how.

Seemless transactions

The blockchain can provide instant transfers around the globe at a low cost, however sometimes transactions can «hang» for longer than usual. We will never make you pay for it. Others may adjust the rates or times of transfers to their favor, we deliver on our promises, always!

Never too early, always too late. Buy cryptocurrency today.

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Regulated online exchange at a favorable rate. We exchange 24/7.

Your personal Doroex account

Your personal dashboard at Doroex is secure, easy to navigate and very intuitive. Make orders, view past transactions and exchange crypto with a click of a button.

  1. Your dashboard is an exchange powerhouse
  2. Buy crypto, monitor your transaction history, review transaction statuses
  3. Watch our platform evolve into something great.

How is the exchange carried out?

You choose the currency and payment method (We accept: Visa, Mastercard, SEPA)

Pass account verification (Upload identity document (passport/driver's license)

Receive cryptocurrency (Expect the receipt of cryptocurrency at the details you specified)

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